Cake was a tradition when I was growing up (see scrapbook)
We would look through cake books for days trying to find the perfect cake and then my Mom would make it for us. Sometime she would have the pan but most of the time she had to carve it out of cake. Some of them were pretty amazing.

I have tried to carry this tradition on my my own children and find it easier if you have the right pan. I started picking them up at yard sales and D.I.'s and now have over 300. (Yes storage is an issue) but I can't help myself it is an addicting collection. I would really like to see them get some use. This site is dedicated to letting people know what I have so they can barrow them and also make it easier to find them.

I do not keep up with this site as well as I would like and have many that are not listed so if you are looking for something feel free to call me 208-747-3048.

I also have a lot of wedding stuff I would be willing to rent. Please call to discuss.

Gingerbread Fun 2013
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